Single Girl Problems

So, you know how when you're single, especially a single girl at the age of 20, it always seems like everything around you is focused on "finding the one" or "couples this," "couples that"? Sure, sure. Maybe not every single 20-year-old female feels this way. But being an intern for a wedding and special events designer and having the opportunity to interact with numerous clients who are so amazingly in love does seem to make me hone in on the fact that I too would like to find that person sometime soon, preferably. Today in particular was chock full of friendly reminders that I am oh so single.

An hour into being at work, I receive this email from my dear mother. I joke with her all the time about trying to find a husband at the gym, at the grocery store, etc. I also tend to brag that Elon was named the most beautiful campus in the United States.

So, she decided to one-up me by sending an article claiming that Wake Forest has the most attractive men in the country. I'll admit that from what I've seen taking a summer class there last year, their men do trump ours on the good looks scale. That might also have something to do with the fact that Elon's female-male ratio is 60-40...the odds are not in my favor.

When I got home, I saw that my Southern Weddings magazines finally came in the mail!!! I've literally been waiting for them all summer (there was some mishap where they were lost in the mail- luckily Nicole was sweet enough to send new ones quickly!) and could not be more excited to get my hands on these puppies!

However- it's a Thursday night and I'm at home soaking up the pages of wedding magazines while watching some show on TV that seems like a knock-off of CSI. I might be starting to understand why I'm still single.

Oh, and now I know for future notice that I should probably use my credit card instead of my mom's when purchasing these magazines so the cute personalized notes say "Jessica" and not "Joanne." Oops.

To top it all off, my family decided that we'd treat ourselves and go out to eat at The Old Fourth Street Filling Station in downtown Winston-Salem. We indulged on some delicious calamari and crab meat wontons, and I knew I had to try their signature shrimp and grits.

Over the course of our meal, my mom told me that my grandma decided that she was going to send one of her friends a picture of me to pass along to her son or nephew- something of that sort. Apparently he's a 25-year-old, living in Wilmington, NC who is a part of or about to become a part of his family business. Oh my goodness is all I have to say. I'm not quite sure if these plans are going to follow through. Who knows- maybe he is my Mr. Right. But, I'm just hoping that if a picture is sent that it's a recent, semi-attractive picture. I just love my family.

Now can you see why the desire to find my man is ever present in my mind? Here's to hoping that tomorrow brings a few less reminders of my single status. Or better yet, that it lets me bump into a nice fella! I'll take the latter.

You probably think I'm crazy. Luckily guys don't tend to read blogs! Night all.