My Guilty Pleasures

I'm not quite sure what made me decide to write a post about my guilty pleasures. Honestly, it might have been sparked when Ellie (my fellow intern) was mentioning some of hers while we were chatting during some down time at the wedding this past Saturday. So, here's a list of some of my embarrassing guilty pleasures that I'll proudly admit to:

  • Dramatic TV shows. Okay, so I know this is a guilty pleasure of most girls. But, I literally find myself watching every episode of Pretty Little Liars, Gossip Girl, The Bachelorette/Bachelor, Bachelor Pad, Once Upon A Time, Desperate Housewives (when it was still on air :( ...), and Revenge. You name it and I probably watch it. I even caught myself watching that new show about the nannies in Beverly Hills the other night.
  • Dance TV shows and movies. This is slightly related to my love for watching the dramatic shows, but I think it's a bit less typical/usual. I think I'm so enamored with them since I used to dance and don't anymore. I've currently been watching Breaking Pointe, and am obsessed with all of the Step Up movies. And yes, Channing Tatum might have something to do with that.
  • Pinterest. Duh.
  • Reading through food blogs. I've subscribed to so many of them and LOVE getting tons of new recipes in my email inbox every morning.
  • Justin Bieber. Not sorry, I blame it on my sister. Even though she sometimes thinks that I don't like him.
  • Organizing EVERYTHING. I was really tempted to split this up into organized sections, but decided against it to test my willpower.
  • Anything that is pink or has sparkles.
  • Reading through Southern Weddings magazine, their blog, Style Me Pretty, and other wedding-related blogs and magazines. I should probably get a boyfriend to make this guilty pleasure a bit more normal.
  • Walking through the aisles of Target, TJ Maxx, Michael's, Hobby Lobby, Pottery Barn, Barnes and Noble, a grocery store, or J. Crew. I could easily get lost in any of those stores for hours.
  • Crafting, crafting, crafting 'till I get blisters on my fingers.
  • McDonald's sweet tea and apple pie (not necessarily together though). I know, they're so fake and processed, but they remind me of being little and I love anything that brings back memories of being young.
  • Speaking of, I love spending hours sitting on the ground looking through old photo books with my mom and listening to her tell me the stories behind some of the pictures of us growing up.
  • Eating the bottom of a yellow cake. You know the part that sticks to the serving tray/pan? Ahh that's the best part.
  • Singing in my car at the top of my lungs with my sunroof down. I sound horrible but I love doing it.
  • Eating a sandwich late at night.
  • Eating a banana with peanut butter, at any time of the day.
  • Dressing up in fun outfits. Of course, I love wearing a nice dress- but I mean dressing up for themed parties. I have a costume box that is a large tupperware container that I struggle to keep closed because it is so full. I'm never giving that stuff away.
  • Facebook stalking. Not in a super creepy way, but it probably is a little weird. Please don't defriend me, I don't do it often. Only when bored. Or interested in a boy my friend said she has a crush on. Gotta scope him out for her!
  • Starbucks' new Refreshers. I've heard the Cool Lime one is to die for with a pump of coconut syrup. Trying that tomorrow morning.

I'm sure there are plenty of other little guilty pleasures that I have. But these are some of the ones that just explain my slightly quirky self.

And here's a little glimpse into of one of my guilty pleasures- some pictures of my various costumes from themed parties. Please ignore the red eye. Facebook doesn't have the best quality pictures.

This was an "under the sea" party, so naturally me and Abby decided to go as Spongebob.

Moustachey Bashey Christmas Party. I don't really know how the two got combined, but I didn't mind it.

Construction party!

Aaand finally, one of the best outfits. This was for a tiki party, and me and Abby went all out. Clearly we like underwater/beach themed parties the best. I'd like to introduce you to Horton (my elephant) and Gilbert (Abby's crocodile). They're best buds, just like me and Abby :)

Well, hopefully y'all don't think I'm too weird now. Oh well! Night all.