Painting My Room and More Silent Auction Planning

This week, I drove to Elon 4 times. Monday to speak to different local vendors for my Family Weekend Silent Auction, Thursday to celebrate Mary's 21st birthday, Friday to go to Mary's birthday dinner, and then again on Sunday with my parents to paint my apartment and speak with more vendors for the auction. I think my poor little car is a bit tired from all that driving. Luckily it's only an hour away from home! You'd think that since I love painting canvases and other craft items, I'd have built a great deal of patience for painting all sorts of things by this point in time. However, painting an entire room is a much larger project than I've ever tackled. It was actually really fun at first to make big strokes with the roller. However, once I started helping my dad with some of the trim work, I began to get a bit tired of seeing the color yellow.

Oh, and I guess I should add in that I saw more than one shade of yellow on my wall that day. I spent about 30 minutes in Home Depot with my mom trying to decide on the perfect shade of yellow for my walls. I wanted something bright, but something that wouldn't overwhelm my room with color. I originally decided on a color called "pale daffodil." Unfortunately, after we started painting the room with this color I realized that this shade was far, far too pale.

So, back to Home Depot it was! Luckily, we had gone through the first gallon of pale daffodil anyway, so there was a reason to go back to the store. Otherwise, my parents might not have been so keen on the color change. And, the light yellow served as an excellent base coat for the actual yellow I chose. It was much easier to paint on top of that as opposed to the bright green color that remained on some of the walls.

I finally decided to go with the original shade of yellow that caught my eye- "yellow brick road." And to everyone's relief, it was the exact shade I was hoping it would be once we put it on the wall.

It is hard to get a sense of the real color in these pictures. Actually, it looks really harsh in these pictures. And you can tell where we still need to go over the wall with a second coat, since you can still see some of the green showing through the yellow. The shade I chose is really a warmer, more country-time feeling shade of yellow in person. I just love it. It will look great once I actually arrange my room with all of the furniture and decorations.

While we were painting, we had to push my bed and dresser to the middle of the room, and piled my belongings randomly on my desk/shelves. I'm still debating on how exactly I want to design my room, but I'm sure that with enough time spent on Pinterest I'll create a look that I love.

After a hard day of work, we ordered some Red Bowl takeout and ate downstairs to escape the fumes of the paint. Then, mom and dad left, but I decided to stay the night so I could finish some work for the Family Weekend Silent Auction that I'm planning.

This morning, I woke up, got some breakfast from Starbucks, did some shopping at Target, and then got to work figuring out which stores I still needed to contact before going home. I decided that I wanted to go to a few more local stores in the Elon/Burlington area, that I wanted to go to the Tanger Outlets, and that I wanted to go to some stores at the Friendly Center in Greensboro on my way home if I had time.

After I created a game plan, I ordered lunch from The Root before heading out. The Root is pretty much a staple for me and my friends. And I have not had it in about a month or so, which meant that it was the perfect option for lunch.

I've got a few favorites from the restaurant, but today I decided to go with their chicken caesar wrap with a side of sweet potato fries and ranch dressing. Oh my goodness. This always hits the spot. I've just developed such a hankering for sweet potato fries this summer it's unreal. I don't even love eating fried food that much, but these things are addicting. And dipped in ranch? 1,000 better. Yum. I was satisfied to say the least.

After lunch, I began going store to store speaking with employees, managers, and owners. Some stores took my letter and said they would pass it on to the appropriate person, others gave me a time frame in which to follow up with them so that they could determine how much they can donate, and others gave me items on the spot!

I must say that my visit to the Tanger Outlets in Mebane was my biggest success of the day. I had the chance to speak with the General Manager of the outlets, and she was the sweetest, most helpful person I could have hoped to work with. She put me into contact with the best people to talk to at some of her stores, and even said that she would distribute my letter to each store in the outlets. I was so incredibly thankful! I'm really looking forward to seeing what items I receive to put in our auction baskets for this year.

My visit to the outlets took a bit longer than I expected since I did get to speak with so many people. So, I did not have the time to go to Greensboro today. However, that is only about a 30 minute trip from home, and one that I can make much more easily than a trip to Elon or Mebane. I'm sure I'll be going soon!

Finally, when I got home, I enjoyed dinner with my family and watched the episode of The Bachelorette called "Men Tell All," which is always an interesting and dramatic episode. I cannot believe that the finale is this upcoming Sunday. I'm team Jef with one "f" all the way! But I still think she was silly for letting go of Sean. Too bad he's 8 years older than me. My mom still wants me to find him and date him since he's so perfect. Buuuut I'm thinking that's just a bit too much of an age gap for my liking.

Anywho, I'm exhausted after a long weekend so I'm headed off to bed. Night all!