Trisha + Adam's Wedding Reception at Duke Gardens

I must admit, this wedding had some of my favorite design thus far. The colors were fantastic, the details were abundant, and everything came together so well. For this wedding, I think you'll agree that it's safe to let the pictures do most of the talking. See for yourself!

The reception was held at the Sarah P. Duke Gardens in Durham, North Carolina. Lime Green Photography captured some fantastic pictures of the wedding party outside in the beautiful gardens, but I wanted to show y'all a bit of the interior we designed!

As the guests entered the lobby, they were encouraged to sign the newlywed's guestbook. It was a photo book full of pictures from their engagement photo shoot.

The guestbook table also displayed the bride's grandmother's wedding shoes. It was a truly sweet touch.

Once outside, guests were invited to the cocktail hour where they could find their names on escort cards hanging from multicolored ribbons. (PS- hey there! I didn't realize that you could see a slight reflection of me in the door as I was taking the picture. Haha oops!)

Trisha and Adam also created two fun signature cocktails for everyone to enjoy- a traditional Arnold Palmer and a Blackberry Arnold Palmer.

After enjoying the cocktail hour, we invited the guests inside to be seated at their assigned tables. I just loved the beautiful floral arrangements in the blue mason jars that accompanied the wooden table numbers. These numbers allowed the guests to easily notice where they should sit once they entered the room.

The detail that stood out most to me from this wedding was the Wedding Recipe Book that was placed atop each guest's napkin. When the bride sent her wedding invitation, she asked each guest to respond with one of their favorite recipes. She compiled all of these recipes into a book that she then gave as a favor to her guests. Furthermore, the first page of this book contained the menu for the evening. I thought that this was such a unique and fantastic idea! Now, Trisha and Adam have an entire collection of new recipes to try making together.

Once the guests took their seats, it was time for Trisha and Adam to be announced as Mr. + Mrs. Robinson! Directly after they were announced, the newlyweds shared a touching first dance. This is always one of my favorite moments of the evening :)

When everyone was finished dining, they were invited to enjoy the fabulous dessert spread. Look at this table! Not only is the design incredibly sweet and whimsical, but the desserts all seemed so tempting and scrumptious as well.

There were cute little macaroons and cupcakes. And of course...

The wedding cake! Don't you love how the wedding topper matched the pennants used throughout the reception space? That was one of Becca's clever creations.

And if that wasn't enough to satisfy a guest's sweet tooth, there was also this cool groom's cake. When I asked about why they chose to include an airplane, it was apparently because Adam loves to travel. I always enjoy seeing how brides get creative in designing the groom's cakes.

Finally, once the guests were through enjoying the sweets table, they had the chance to show their competitive side by playing some cornhole. Although I must say, cornhole is one of the most relaxing competitive games I've ever played. But I guess that just depends who you are playing with!

Now can you see why this wedding had some of my favorite design? Although I said I would let the pictures do most of the talking, I just could not help myself from going on and on about these details. The details are truly what makes an event special and unique in my opinion. And everything from the guestbook with their engagement pictures to the pennants hand crafted by her aunt to the wedding recipe book to the groom's cake really captured Trisha and Adam's personalities. It was one fantastic wedding.

Congratulations Trisha and Adam! And night all!