Mozelle's, Sweet Tea Ice Cream and The Wedding Planner

I'm going to keep today's post short and sweet. Here were the highlights from my day: After a morning of crafting in the office, my faculty advisor from Elon came to visit and we went out to Mozelle's for lunch. I've been dying to try that restaurant since it's so close to our office, and it was fantastic! I ordered the grilled pimento cheese with bacon and a side of sweet potato fries. Really healthy, right? The fries were perfect but the sandwich reaffirmed the fact that I just don't like bacon. And I also prefer my pimento cheese cold. I'm excited to go back and try the other menu options though!

Once I got home, I made a special little treat for my friend Mary because it's her 21st birthday tomorrow! But in caseshe reads this post, I'm not going to share what it is until tomorrow :)

Finally, I sat down to relax with some sweet tea ice cream to watch The Wedding Planner. I've only ever seen bits and pieces of it and decided it was necessary to watch the movie in its entirety. It was sure corny and a bit predictable, but hey that's what makes a good chick flick!

Oh, and take a look at the ice cream. It's so good! It's just so funny to eat sweet tea. I love it.

Yumm. Night all!