Some of My Favorite, Useful Craft Supplies

Today, the bride for this Saturday's wedding came by our office and dropped off all of her crafted goodies that we'll use during her wedding. I can't give away much information yet, but this wedding hands down has my favorite decor thus far. It's full of color and charm, and I just love it! So, that got me to thinking about what some of my favorite, currently trendy, crafts and supplies are. The following take the cake when it comes to what I'd love to use while designing my upcoming philanthropy events. Since Sigma Kappa's colors are maroon and lavender (but we typically use pink and purple), most of these supplies will be in one of those shades. Just a heads up!

Washi Tape

Have you ever heard of washi tape? I've never actually used it, but it's one of the best inventions. It is essentially patterned tape that you can cut to whatever size/shape you'd like and add to various crafts to enhance the design. It seems like such a simply easy concept, and I know I'll be ordering tons of it for my various philanthropy events.

You can use it to make little flags to adorn your sweet treats (aka for my Ice Cream Social and Cupcake Bar).

Or you can use it on paper good products. I love how this person used the tape to create the look of bunting on the top of the invite.

Colorful Twine

Ordinary, brown colored twine is great. But add some color and stripes and it takes the twine to a whole new level. There are plenty of uses for twine, from gift wrapping to embelleshing favor bags to wrapping baked goods.

I am planning to use either this twine or a fun ribbon to wrap around the mason jars that I will use as containers for the Ice Cream Social and Cupcake Bar toppings. Anything you can do to enhance your decor is always a plus! And this twine from Etsy is only $15 for 240 yards. I'd say that's a pretty great price!

Striped Paper Straws

Regular, plastic straws are plain and bad for the environment. These fun striped straws are a much more eco-friendly and adorable option! They're biodegradable, but last for hours when placed in a drink. I don't think I could concoct a better combination.

You can find them in craft stores or on Etsy in a variety of colors. Of course, I love the pink and purple combination to rep Sigma Kappa!

Oh and hey look- this craft combines the straws with the striped twine. They're such a good pair.

The three craft supplies above are just some of my favorites. I'll be sure to include pictures of the crafts that I eventually make with these supplies in a later post! But now, it's time for bed. Night all!