New Jersey, Day Two

Don't ya love days when you don't have anything in specific on your agenda? Well, we knew we were going to Mass in the morning. But, aside from that we literally had nothing to do all day aside from lay out at the pool and eat fantastic food my uncle prepared on the grill.

Meet Uncle Len and the new puppy Rocco :) He was much more playful today and I loved it.

This picture's a bit blurry, but the pool was so much fun to hang out at once it got dark. They just got these cool new LED light balls that float in the pool to give it some extra light.

After we exhausted our hours outside, we came back into the house and had some of grandma's crumb cake (aka heaven in food form) and a fairly decent cannoli cake from one of the local bakeries. I liked the crumb cake better though. Grandma just knows how to add that extra little touch of lovin to her food.

And now I'm going to cuddle up with mom, Julia, and the cousins to watch last week's episode of The Bachelorette so we can get caught up before tomorrow's episode. Night all!