Inspiration Board For My Ideal Wedding

Yesterday, Style Me Pretty came out with their first ever e-mag. Since I've been following their blog and Pinterest account for quite some time now, I was clearly very excited to read through these online pages. And as of late, whenever I get really excited about something, I tweet about it.  And they RESPONDED to my tweet! Eek! That's the second time this week that someone I look up to has re-tweeted or responded to something I've posted on twitter. Check it out-

Needless to say, my excitement level skyrocketed at that point. As I started browsing through the e-mag, I became absorbed by the ways they styled their brides and the different inspiration boards they created. I've made a few inspiration boards before myself on WeddingWire, but I wanted to make one that truly embodies what I would want to include in my wedding if I were to plan it this year. And yes, if you're curious I did make a fake wedding date for myself just so I could create a WeddingWire account. I'm not ashamed.

When I was picking what I wanted to include, I looked through my Pinterest account for ideas that centered around a classic, soft, feminine, southern, comfortable theme. I'm not sure if the word comfortable really describes the items I chose, but that is how I want my wedding to feel, so I kept it in mind while I was creating the board. Here's what I came up with-

  1. I love these pink striped straws adorned with cardstock flags. Any little thing will dress up a drink, and these are perfectly adorable. I also love that they're displayed in a lace-covered mason jar.
  2. Oh my goodness. I don't think this dress needs any explanation. I'm not sure if it's "the one" but I love that it looks classy yet has some unexpected drama. It shows off her figure while still having a full skirt. And there's a bow. Wowza.
  3. I love a man in a bow tie :) The stripes nicely complement the stripes from the straws.
  4. Ever since I first saw the idea of incorporating cornhole into a wedding, I knew that I wanted to include it in my own. It's neat how these boards have the bride and groom's silhouettes on them too.
  5. I think I literally gasped out loud when I saw these earrings on J.Crew's website for the first time. They have a pearl and glitz that looks like a bow. They're hands down my ideal earrings.
  6. I will have pink peonies at my wedding. It may sound strange but I'm so obsessed with the look that I'd even be willing to plan my wedding around their peak season to ensure that I could have an abundance of these beauties on my special day.
  7. Another must-have at my wedding is this dress from J.Crew. It is such a classic, and if you ask my mom I've been claiming it as my bridesmaids dress for over a year now. I'm just hoping it's still around when I get married!
  8. This cake literally screams my name. It's got soft, feminine ruffles. It's pretty without being over-the-top. And it's got just the right amount of flowers scattered throughout the layers. The only thing I'd change is the color scheme- I'd want the cake to be a bit lighter (closer to a white color), and I'd want the flowers to match the shade of pink I choose for the rest of my floral design.

Of course, these are just a few of the ideas I hope to incorporate into my wedding. They're likely to change as I get older, but they're what I would want to include in my wedding if I were planning it today. In general, I like having a mix of classic, glitzy details with softer, feminine ones. My style personally falls somewhere in the middle of those spectrums, and I want my wedding design to reflect that.

Once again, I've found myself eating a piece of Dove chocolate while writing this post. So instead of a Love Life quote, I'm going to share the one found on my little chocolate wrapper-

Take a moment for yourself. -Love, Dove

Funny enough, that's exactly what I just did while I was creating my inspiration board. Thanks for the advice, Dove! It's definitely something I'll try to follow each day.

Night all.