Inspiration: Sweet Designs by Amy Atlas

Earlier this week, I came across a woman who will forever change the way I approach decorating tables, specifically dessert tables. Her name is Amy Atlas, and she is a celebrity sweets stylist. I wasn't even aware that such a profession existed until a few days ago! It combines the two things I love most: baking sweets and designing. It may seem like a silly job at first, but if you truly look at the work Amy has done and the detail she puts into each table she creates, you'll realize it is much more. The first time I saw her work was through a video posted on interviewing her about her new book. Take a look at it here!

After I watched the video, I was determined to purchase her book after I was got off of work. So, I tweeted about it. And guess what? Amy Atlas retweeted my tweet!! I felt so cool :)

So I went off to work all giddy inside, and after the wedding rehearsal I went straight to Barnes and Noble to pick up a copy of her book, Sweet Designs.

I haven't gotten a chance to fully read through it yet. But, I have flipped through a few of the chapters and can already sense my creative juices flowing. This book is going to be a huge help as I design my various philanthropic events this upcoming fall semester. Our Cupcake Bar is going to be phenomenal with her help!

The possibilities of creating different table designs are truly endless after learning some of the tips and tricks she details in her book. So, I thought it was fitting to include a quote from the "Love Life" book about loving the possibilities,

You, whose day it is, get out your rainbow colors and make it beautiful. -Traditional Nootka Song

Don't you just love that quote? I sure do, it makes me want to smile :) And make the day colorfully beautiful. I can't wait to start planning all of my events!! But, I have to get some sleep now because I've got a full day ahead of me tomorrow. Keep an eye out for constant updates about Jarmella + Alex's wedding tomorrow on my twitter! Night all.