A Crafty Trip to Michael's and Making Inspiration Boards

Today, I swore to myself that I would go to bed before 12:15 to get some rest for this weekend. But of course, here I am at 12:45 wide awake writing this post and preparing to plop down on the couch to watch something entertaining on Hulu before actually going to bed. Oops! I can never seem to fall asleep early. At least I can sleep in a bit tomorrow since it's Saturday and I don't have any real obligations until our wedding rehearsal at night. It's such a nice feeling :) If I had to describe my day at the office today, I'd say it was all about organizing. I arrived a few minutes later than usual after receiving a call on my way to work from Becca asking if I could pick up a case of golden elixer, aka Diet Coke, for us to have on hand for the weekend. Clearly, I obliged. It's a staple in our office. Once I got to the studio, I counted all of the linens from last night's wedding to make sure that the quantity we had matched the amount originally ordered. Then, I unpacked the linens for Sunday's wedding and hung them on the garment rack, also making sure along the way that we had the appropriate amount.

After organizing linens for a couple of hours, I made a confirmation phone call to a vendor; looked through the proofs of the pictures from the first wedding I worked with the RRE team; reviewed the timelines, ceremony diagrams, and contact sheets for Sunday's wedding and our first wedding in July; and then went scouring office supply and craft stores to find the perfect color cream/ivory cardstock for a project we will be working on in the office next week.

By the time I was done with those tasks, it was 5pm and I was officially done with my fifth week at my internship with Rebecca Rose Events. The time has just flown by! I cannot believe it.

I was still feeling crafty and inspired after work, so I decided to go back to Michael's (where I ended up finding the perfect color cardstock) to pick up some crafting goods for my own personal use. Let's just say I went on a little spree to help improve the overall look and design of my future Sigma Kappa philanthropy events. Here's a list of the goodies I bought:

  • Glue dots- dot n' go (we use glue dots all the time in the office and this tool lets you roll them out instead of hand-picking them off the sheet- it's great!)
  • A 3-in-1 rotating corner squeeze punch (it's got 3 different designs that I can use for any signage I make for our events)
  • Decorative scissors
  • 3 basic hole punch tools (each creates a different shape- two rectangles, two circles, or one circle)
  • Table confetti in various lavender and pink patterns
  • A packet of personalized label sheets
  • A hanging chalkboard sign
  • 3 cork boards and a box of thumb tacks (these will be for my own personal use to create inspiration boards)

I'm just going to consider this purchase to be a carrer investment, because I know I will use them with great frequency in the future. I already started using some of the tools tonight! After dinner, I began planning my first inspiration board. If you haven't noticed from reading my past posts, I love soft, feminine, southern weddings. Therefore, that was the theme of the first board I began to create. I'm still eagerly awaiting my Southern Weddings V2 and V4 (their second and fourth editions) to pick apart for the best inspiration, but here is what I've been working with so far-

And yes, you're seeing that correctly. I was creating my inspiration board while eating out of a pint of Ben & Jerry's.

While watching Say Yes to the Dress with my mom.

That last part is a Friday night tradition that makes my dad cringe haha. Sorry dad :) But anyway, I like what I've come up with so far! I think I might wait a few more days to see if my magazines come in the mail before officially pinning anything to the cork board though.

Since I've decided to wait, I'm going to end my night by making a late night PB&J (because sometimes they just taste better at this late hour) and watch The Glee Project before heading to bed.

And finally, here's my quote of the day from the "Love Life" book. It's about loving simple pleasures, and it says,

I have never been a milionaire. But I have enjoyed a great meal, a crackling fire, a glorious sunset, a walk with a friend, a hug from a child, a cup of soup, a kiss behind the ear. There are plenty of life's tiny delights for all of us. -Jack Anthony

The simple pleasures I enjoyed today were taking my time to explore each aisle of Michael's for crafting tools, working on my inspiration boards, eating fro-yo from the pint, spending time continuing the Friday night tradition with mom, having 28 new followers on my internship twitter account in just one day, this PB&J I'm about to eat, and these lovely flowers I got to take home from last night's wedding-

Night all!