Guess What I'll Be Doing November 4th!

I'm going to be seeing CARRIE UNDERWOOD AND HUNTER HAYES in concert!! Bought the tickets last night and I'm going with my sister. We're both so stinkin excited :) It's going to be an awesome concert. I'm sure they're both absolutely fantastic live. I mean, get to see this boy in about 5 months. How lucky am I? Such a little cutie.

I could listen to his song "Wanted" on repeat for days. It's essentially exactly what I would want my future husband to say to me.

And Carrie is just such a bombshell. I remember watching the first rounds of her season of American Idol when they were trying to decide who would make it to the first stage of the competition. My dad was watching it with me and claimed he didn't think that she would make very far at all. Boy was he wrong! (If you somehow don't know, she won). And she's one of the only American Idols who has made a real name for herself since the show.

P.S. did anyone else notice that Emily Maynard from The Bachelorette was wearing this same dress on tonight's episode?

Aside from being overly giddy about getting to go to this concert all day today, I did have to do some not-so-fun things. Mainly- studying for and taking my second online Financial Accounting exam. I studied for hours on end today, and luckily it paid off as I got an A on the exam! However, I don't want to look at numbers again for quite some time. My brain definitely needs a bit of a rest.

I couldn't find any quotes from the Love Life book that specifically related to what I did today, so I decided to choose one that particularly stood out to me. It's called "Love what's next" and reads,

I haven't a clue how my story will end, but that's all right. When you set out on a journey and night covers the road, that's when you discover the stars. -Nancy Willard

I think this is an awesome mindset to have, and one that I need to become more receptive to. I struggle when I don't know exactly how my story will end. For the most part, unless I'm just up for a fun day of doing nothing with friends and family, I like having things planned and knowing that there will be an outcome that I'm happy with. But, that can be somewhat stressful to an extent. I'd love to be more free-hearted and open for not knowing precisely what's next. So here's to hoping I can improve on that in years to come!

For now, I'm going to relax a bit more before bed and then I have a super busy week in front of me. Two weddings this weekend- so exciting! It'll be lots of work but I'm definitely looking forward to it. Night all!