Happy Father's Day, Daddy :)

I'd like to wish every father, father-to-be, grandpa, great-grandpa, awesome male role models that act like father figures to others, and anyone else that this applies to, a very Happy Father's Day. But of course, I'd like to wish MY daddy an extra joyous Father's Day! And as such, I'd like to devote this blog post as a tribute to the man who raised me into the lady I am today. Here's us years ago- check out our snazzy outfits!

I'm fairly certain that my dad knows just how much I care about and love him. We've gotten much closer over the past few years as I've gone away to college and matured into someone who can better relate to who he is and all he does for us. I'm blessed to have such an awesome dad, and if you really know him, you'd know that he's a goofball at heart. Therefore, I'm going to share with y'all some of the quirks that make my dad who he is (sorry if this sounds a bit like a roast!)-

  • My dad has the largest working knowledge of corny jokes out of anyone I've ever met. I swear he is constantly anticipating the right moment to drop a new joke on the family when they say anything remotely related to his corn-ball of a line.
  • He also has the largest working knowledge of any and all types of gadgets, or apps to go along with those gadgets. And he'll proudly show them off to anyone who is interested.
  • He must, must, must iron everything he owns. Including his casual t-shirts.
  • Speaking of t-shirts, my dad likes to tuck them into his jeans. Guess it's more comfortable? Not quite sure about that one.
  • My dad didn't necessarily grow up as a die-hard sports fan, and you won't find him glued to the TV when there's a football game on on Sundays. BUT hey, he does watch the little clips of the highlights of the game to make up for it.
  • He also loves listening to audiobooks at all times. Mostly ones about how to better yourself.
  • If you're ever trying to find my dad in the grocery store, just listen for a man who is whistling, and 99.9% of the time, it'll lead you straight to him.

I'm sure that there are a million other little quirks I could think of to define my dad. But those are some of the ones that really stand out to me and that I'll remember for years to come. Even though I joke about having a personal lack of knowledge about anything sports related because he isn't crazy obsessed with football or basketball, and even though I roll my eyes every time another corny joke comes out of his mouth, those are the things that make my dad my daddy and I love them for that.

Here's some pictures to re-cap our Father's Day celebration today and tonight!

Last night before I went to bed, I had the idea to take a picture from one of our frames and leave dad a little informal Happy Father's Day card at the place he usually sits for Sunday bagels with Grandpa. Just a little something in case he got up earlier than me, which of course he did.

Then we went to Mass, came back to eat some lunch, and went to the pool for a couple of hours. But before going, dad wanted to play with his third daughter (our dog, Sophie) for a little bit.

After the pool, we came back, relaxed for a while, and had a nice home-cooked dinner prepared by mom with our family and Grandpa. Once we finished eating, we headed outside to our back porch (with our great new furniture!) to give our cards and gifts to dad and Grandpa.

Here's Grandpa opening his- mom made him a book filled with pictures and descriptions of all of his grandchildren throughout the past year. He loved it!

Then, it was time to give dad his treats. My parents always joke that if anyone were to come into their work offices, they'd think that their kids were still toddlers because they haven't updated their photos of us in ages. So we got my dad a few picture frames with recent pictures of the family to proudly display!

And a Salty Dog Cafe t-shirt because for about a week, he kept announcing that he was so shocked that you can buy the t-shirts online! So, this was more of a gag gift, but he liked it anyway!

I'm not in this picture, but as you can see, my siblings are definitely not toddlers anymore. In fact, my brother just graduated from high school and will be a Florida Gator next year, and my sister just graduated 8th grade and will be a high school freshman! Such a proud older sister :) Buuut they weren't too thrilled I was taking pictures of them all night. So I'll just post this one-

Today was a fantastic day, mostly because I got to spend it with the family. Like I said, and I'll say time and time again, lazy summer Sundays are my favorite kinds of days. To end this one, I'll share this quote from the love life book. It's about loving family (I figured that was fitting for Father's Day)-

I think the most significant work we ever do, in the whole world, in our whole life, is done within the four walls of our own home. -Stephen R. Covey

I couldn't agree more. Night all!